Why Livehelp Chat Ranks Top in Customer Service

You definitely cannot ignore the need for enhanced customer service when it comes to online business. Any visitor to your business website certainly has a reason for visiting and will obviously love to have a helping ‘hand’ when the need to have some of his/her questions and concerns addressed. This is why live chat software becomes a very important online business tool.

The benefits of integrating live chat software in your business website are many. From the outset, using live chat software allows you or your chat agents to respond quickly and in real time to chat visitor questions and concerns. You also have the ability to build long-term business relationship with your chat visitors in addition to increased possibility of increasing your conversion rate-the number of chat visitors you are able to retain. Using live chat software is also a very cost effective way of attending to your customers.

The fact that are many live chat software in the market does not mean that any software will enhance the level of service you offer your chat visitors and this is where Livehelp chat software comes in. This is not like any other chat software. It comes along with powerful features that really provide for the level of service that chat visitors look forward to receiving.

One of Livehelp software’s strong points is its intrusion, virus protection, and firewall protection capability. There is no doubt that visitors to your business website and your chat visitors look forward to shopping in a secure environment, something that the software provides for. The software is designed to analyze all in-coming calls and outgoing data, in effect preventing any attacks that can compromise security of information relating to your chat visitors when they shop. The software makes use of both HTTP and HTTPS protocols in addition to employing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology in securing visitor personal information.

The level of customer service you provide using a live chat software is to a large extent determined by the number of tasks your chat agents can accomplish at any given time. Ideally, an effective live chat software should be capable of allowing your chat agents to accomplish different tasks at the same time. This is one area where Livehelp chat software ranks above set industry standards. Unlike other live chat software, Livehelp chat software’s agent console tops the others since its design allows different chat agents in the same application to undertake different roles under the same account. Simply put, the software makes it possible for different chat agents to access the system in different ways using different controls.

Live chat visitors do not only need security of their information. They also need to be assured of privacy and will consider such as a valuable service. Using's chat software provides for enhanced privacy since it allows for configuration of passwords to correspond to corporate policy on use of passwords. Such details as password history, length, complexity and password expiry can easily be configured for enhanced privacy, which goes a long way in enhancing customer service.
When you’re engaged in a live help chat, there are several factors that ensure there is outstanding customer service.