Live Help Chat Tips for Beginners

Livehelp agents are those who are responsible for dealing with the customers’ questions and helping their clients. We can categorize them into three different types, considering their work. They are sales agents, who are ready to convert their visitors into clients; agents who help their clients; and agents who perform both of these tasks. So if you are a beginner in this profession, this article will help you to start performing as a live chat agent. We are going to discuss some tips and tricks for beginners, which might be helpful for some experienced Livehelp agents, too.

There is some etiquette one must follow as a live chat agent. This list simply includes friendly behavior, exchanging names, understanding and managing communication issues, avoiding detailed answers from the beginning, having a calm nature during discussion, and using your grammar techniques properly. Some important tips one should follow are:

1. Develop a people-centric philosophy:

A new beginner should understand the philosophy of people first and money later while making decisions. If your client wants to send something, then do it fast. Even if it costs a bit more for you, make it happen as soon as possible. It will let your clients trust your work responsibility more and increase the number of returning customers.

2. Keep track of your visitors:

Keep track of all your visitors and monitor if they are new customers or returning visitors. This will also help you to deal with these two different types of clients.

3. Use targeted and initiated chat:

A customer will not always be initiative when starting a chat, so being an agent, you should take the responsibility to initiate the chat. There might be instances when customers will refuse to engage in a live chat session with you, but that’s completely fine. It’ll also convey a sense of goodwill to your customers sometimes. Let the customer browse your entire website properly before engaging them in a live chat so that they are able to get oriented with your website first.

4. Help from the typing indicator:

The typing indicator assists the agent to visually see what a customer is typing in a Livehelp chat session. It’ll help the agent to understand what the customer is thinking and going to ask, which alerts the agent to respond even more quickly with a proper and detailed answer. The chat agent should also be alerted when the customer hits send or enters his/her complete query. This alert should be visible, audible, or both so that a busy agent is interrupted and knows that a customer is waiting for a response or answer. Being a chat agent, you should be comfortable with multitasking, as you might be chatting with multiple customers and dealing with different types of questions simultaneously.

5. Pre-chat surveys:

Basically, pre-chat surveys are surveys that are shown to visitors of site before chat comes up in order to gather important information from visitors so the agent knows more about them. For example, customers can provide their name, contact details, and a short description about their question so that a Livehelp chat agent can understand the question before starting to chat with customer and forward this query to the most qualified agent to handle the conversation.

It is a good idea to show a form to the customer and ask them some basic questions. Do not ask too many questions; ask only questions which will help you to set the direction for the conversation. Use the form’s responses to forward this query to an agent for a quick answer.

6. Transfer chat conversation when required:

A chat agent should not be required to know everything. Each agent has different levels and areas of expertise, which can be used depending on the questions of customers. If there is a situation where a question is asked by the customer that is not of your expertise, you should quickly transfer the customer to another agent who has expertise to resolve the question. Agents should also ensure that the customer is aware of the chat transfer so that they can respond accordingly.

7. Attitude of chatting:

The attitude of chatting or dealing with customers is also very important for Livehelp chat agents. You should be trained properly to handle the different questions and to deal with customers of different natures and attitudes. You should be able to handle conversations properly and provide direction for your chat conversations. Agents that work in a support department are trained with knowledge of their product and also confident to have a successful online Livehelp chat session. If you have no idea of which chat style you should use with a customer, stick with the formal chat style.

8. Skills, experience, and knowledge:

The agents with a ready-to-learn nature will improve their skills with every engaged conversation. To improve such skills, you should read customer service-related articles and blogs. Livehelp chat agents typically could engage in 4 to 6 concurrent chats. This usually is a developmental skill to be able to have the ability to assist many customers simultaneously.

Do not try to overthink any questions; try to provide the simplest solution to customers. Sometimes, the simplest solution resolves a customer's problem.

Simple solutions can be discussed very quickly, and customers love to engage a chat session in which they are getting prompt replies regularly without waiting for long periods of time.

Use your previous chat experience when dealing with your customers. Your chatting skills will be improved only through live chat experiences with different questions and customers with different chatting attitudes and natures. Greet your customer professionally and offer them solutions they can understand easily. Your grammar skills also need to be very perfect in order to handle a customer with a good mindset.

The canned messages feature will also help when you are engaged in a Livehelp chat session. The canned messages are carefully worded, standardized lists of sentences which could be sent directly to your customers using shortcuts. We encourage and strongly recommend not sending many canned messages or responses to a customer; otherwise, it’ll make them think that they are talking to a computer rather than a human.

These are the tips a new live help chat agent should follow or an experienced team leader should follow to coach their new live help chat agents. These tips will be helpful to all agents no matter which type of work they are doing, either dealing with new clients, returning visitors, or handling queries of customers and working for a support company. Always be ready to learn from your chat experience and improve your skills for better chats in the future. Being a new agent, try to communicate in a formal way, and after getting more and more experience, you’ll have a lot of chatting style which can be used from time to time.