Increase The Overall Satisfaction Of Your Customers

When you’re engaged in a live help chat, there are several factors that ensure there is outstanding customer service.

1 – Response Time

One of the easiest ways to better a customer’s experience is to shorten the response time. If your customer has to wait several minutes for each answer to their question, they’ll regard that has a bad experience. Ensure that the response time you give the customer is the quickest one possible. They’ll be most appreciated of the experience.

2 – Canned Responses

This is the easiest way to give customers a large amount of text. The canned responses can be recalled by pressing the hash key (#) and the tag for the particular response you want, regardless of how long or short it is.

If you find yourself using a specific response to the same question, add that to the canned response list. After all, it’ll be convenient for later Live Help chat sessions.

Here Are Some Tips to Using Live Help Efficiently

Live Help can increase your e-marketplace’s potential, if it’s executed correctly. Here are some important tips to ensure that you make the most out of the Live Help Chat software:

  • Avoid “robotic” responses. The whole point of having live help available, is to provide a warm, human voice to a customer's online shopping experience. Automated greetings or responses can kill the effectiveness of live chat, and give consumers the impression that they are still dealing with an automated system.
  • Provide cheat sheets and FAQs to improve customer service representative performance, and to make it easier for them to answer customer inquiries quickly and accurately.
  • Proper Training is a must! Representatives should have a complete knowledge of your inventory, common customer complaints, and navigation of various features.
  • If you have a problem sourcing local employees to cover off-peak hours, consider outsourcing during those times.
  • Consider hiring customer service agents that also have a significant amount of sales experience. By combining inside sales, and customer service representatives, a company can reduce staffing costs, and use Live Help to its full potential. Employees that have sales experience will be more likely lead customers towards sales, and increase the possibility of upselling additional products.
  • Don’t forget Social Media! When live help agents receive positive feedback from online visitors and customers, instruct your representatives to, nicely, encourage your visitors to “LIKE” your Social Media pages, and/or leave a comment.
  • At times you will experience a dramatic increase in online chat volume. Customers will inevitably have brief wait times, however, being prepared for this increased volume will ensure that a representative will be with them quickly, if not immediately.
  • Provide your customers with helpful, easy to use chat features, like the ability to modify color, rate chat conversation, and the availability to request a transcript of the entire chat.
  • Be aware of your peak retail hours. If you own an East Coast retail e-marketplace, there is a very real chance that those customers will shop during different peak hours than West Coast shoppers. Use site analytics to determine peak shopping hours for your site, and staff customer service while the most visitors are using your site. Never assume when shoppers will be available, without looking into your websites statistical information.